Families throughout our state know what it means to make tough decisions when it comes to their family budget. We all need to live within our means, and state government should be no exception.

Former NH Governor Mel Thomson famously said that “Low taxes are the result of low spending.” It seems obvious, but too many of the state representatives currently in Concord seem to have missed the point.

In the legislative session that just ended, Democrats in Concord have pushed for an income tax, disguised as a “family leave” bill. If it had passed, workers throughout the state would have seen less take-home pay with every paycheck.

Both of my Democrat opponents voted for the income tax (HB712). That bill passed, and it would have become law if not for the fact that Governor Chris Sununu vetoed it.

I pledge not to vote for any new taxes. Period. No income tax. No sales tax. No tax increases or new taxes at all.