My family first moved to New Hampshire in 1998. We came to Wilton a few years later. Since then, I have served on the Wilton-Lyndeborough Cooperative School Board, where I am currently the Chair. Prior to being elected to the Board, I was also a member of the Budget Committee. My focus has always been on providing quality education, seeking to get the best possible value for our money.

I was elected as State Representative in 2020, serving on the Health & Human Services & Elderly Affairs Committee during my first term. I have been a strong proponent of medical freedom, the 2nd Amendment, free speech, property rights, and free-market economics.

I sponsored House Bill 440, – legislation that preserves civil liberties during a declared state of emergency, assuring that Constitutional rights may not be limited or suspended by a New Hampshire governor.

In 2022, I sponsored bills aimed at establishing 50/50 shared parenting as the default presumption in divorce cases, and a bill that would have limited the power of DHHS to impose new vaccine mandates on children.

I have co-sponsored legislation that would have enabled patients in New Hampshire to obtain Ivermectin, a bill to extend Constitutional Carry to include snowmobiles, and legislation aimed at shoring up election integrity.

As your representative, I will continue to support personal freedoms, low taxes, & responsible, transparent government.