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ENDORSED by Cornerstone

I am proud to have earned the endorsement of Cornerstone, a leading organization fighting for quality education, respect for life, religious liberty, and New Hampshire families.

ENDORSED by Bill O’Brien

I am pleased to announce that Bill O'Brien, former Speaker of the New Hampshire House, has endorsed me. Here is Bill's full statement: "Few come to their first campaign for state representative with the statewide prominence of Jim Kofalt as an advocate for New...

ENDORSED by NH Right-to-Life PAC

NH Right-to-Life PAC announced their 2020 primary endorsements today. I am proud to be one of 63 State Rep candidates to have received their endorsement. If elected, I will strive to protect human life and end taxpayer funding to Planned Parenthood (and other...

ENDORSED by Dave Wheeler

I am pleased to announce that former (and hopefully future) Executive Councilor Dave Wheeler has endorsed me. Dave and I believe in the same things: lower taxes and smaller government, personal freedoms, and religious liberty. We share a strong commitment to the 2nd...

Low taxes are the result of low spending.

Families throughout our state know what it means to make tough decisions when it comes to their family budget. We all need to live within our means, and state government should be no exception. Former NH Governor Mel Thomson famously said that "Low taxes are the...

NH Liberty Alliance Endorses Jim Kofalt

NH Liberty Alliance Endorses Jim Kofalt

I'm proud to have received an endorsement from the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance, which has chosen my campaign as a "critical win" for 2022. The NHLA champions limited government and personal freedoms, scoring elected officials on how well their voting records adhere...

AFP-NH Endorses Jim Kofalt for State Rep

AFP-NH Endorses Jim Kofalt for State Rep

This week, Americans for Prosperity-New Hampshire (AFP-NH) announced their first wave of endorsements, focusing on 19 standout candidates running for state offices. I'm proud to have been included in this list, after having received an endorsement from this group in...

After the Checks are Signed

Thanks to Deb Mortvedt & DJ Garcia for hosting me on their podcast, “After the Checks are Signed," which focuses on local issues of concern to Wilton & Lyndeborough residents.  We talked about some challenges the School Board has gone through during COVID, and...

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